Monica Gallagher

Director, Campus Solutions, Watermark

Monica joined Taskstream-Tk20 in 2017 to help institutions of higher education leverage technology as they aim to fulfill their missions. She aims to smooth the path to meeting accreditation requirements, and to ease the burden on faculty in the areas of data collection and analysis, thereby putting evidence in faculty hands as they propose improvements to course and program learning. Before acting on her passion for education, Monica spent five years helping global law and professional services firms to leverage business intelligence and outsourcing solutions. She has delivered seminars on improving efficiency at large law firms. Monica also directed sales in the industrial chemicals space, serving the automotive and life sciences verticals. In between her endeavors in those sectors, Monica started and ran a national promotional products business. She holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware, completed graduate work in business and leadership at Queens University of Charlotte and Columbia University and has audited humanities courses at Princeton University. Monica’s brush with fame came when one of her chemical engineering projects contributed to NASA’s airbag-mediated Mars Pathfinder landing mission.