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Old public passes away

Dave Goodman March 3, 2015

Dave Goodman, Mentoring Services Associate at Taskstream and former obituary writer/editor for The Star Ledger, bids farewell to the old public website.

The old public website, affectionately known in the Taskstream family as “the business site,” was clicked and dragged to the Recycle Bin on Tuesday, March 3, 2015, at its home on 23rd Street in New York City.

The site, known for its stark, simple appearance and abundant white-space, was born on January 17, 2013. It served as a dedicated member of the Taskstream family, offering many improvements over its predecessors from the previous 13+ years.

The most recent version in the line of several public Taskstream websites, the old will be remembered most for its many contributions in advancing knowledge in the areas of institutional effectiveness and student assessment. It touched the lives of many with its informative webinars, success stories, and news of Taskstream developments.

The website is survived by 75 loving employees, the Taskstream AMS and LAT products, over 500 client institutions, and its direct heir, the new, who will carry on the memory of its predecessor, while adding several new features of its own for the higher education assessment and e-portfolio community.

In lieu of flowers, please call 1-800-311-5656 to share your memories of the old, or to learn more about the new features now available on Taskstream’s new public-facing website.


Dave Goodman earned a degree in English from SUNY Oneonta in 2011. He then worked as an obituary writer/editor for two years at The Star-Ledger – New Jersey’s most widely read newspaper –until becoming a Mentoring Services Associate at Taskstream this past November. In his spare time he enjoys writing sketch comedy and watching documentaries.

Dave Goodman