Manage curriculum, catalog, and syllabi in one place

Creating quality syllabi for every course at your institution is simple with SmartCatalog Syllabus Management by Watermark. This addition to our SmartCatalog by Watermark Curriculum and Catalog solution features many of the same benefits—including custom workflows, simple forms, version control, and unlimited archiving—plus, it leverages the data stored in your curriculum and catalog database to make populating syllabi fast, easy, and accurate.

faculty syllabus workflow with watermark

Simplify syllabi processes for faculty

Improve your faculty’s experience creating syllabi with custom templates, forms, and workflows that guide them through the process. Then, pull in data from your underlying catalog and curriculum database, including course descriptions, pre-reqs and co-reqs, learning outcomes, and required policies. When faculty enter the syllabus builder to make edits, all they have to do is fill in course-specific information like reading materials and office hours, saving them time.

Ensure quality and consistency for students - curriculum and syllabus management with watermark

Ensure quality and consistency for students

The syllabus serves as the course roadmap and contract between professor and students. Shouldn’t it be easy for students to access and understand the syllabus for every course they take on campus? Easily create and publish syllabi in a consistent, standardized format that enables students to quickly identify important information—like required materials, learning outcomes, and institutional policies—to guide their academic decisions.

Consistent syllabi, rich insights

Create a more effective, transparent syllabus process across your campus

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