Hamline University Chooses Watermark to Centralize its Planning, Assessment, and Accreditation Management

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NEW YORK— April 16, 2019 – Watermark, a pioneer in educational intelligence, is pleased to welcome a new institutional partner, Hamline University, located in Saint Paul, MN. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Hamline University has selected Watermark solutions for its campus-wide academic and non-academic planning and assessment, accreditation management, general education assessment, student ePortfolios, and course evaluation needs.

Focused on increasing student success and using data to drive meaningful improvements, Hamline University is implementing Watermark in order to increase efficiencies and integrate institutional effectiveness processes across campus, including strategic assessment planning, program review, learning outcomes assessment, course evaluation, and accreditation reporting. Hamline plans to leverage Watermark to break down data silos at the institution, reduce redundancy and time spent on manual processes, and provide more longitudinal transparency around plans, goals, outcomes, and results.

“We’re choosing to become a Watermark campus because they will help us integrate our planning, assessment, and accreditation processes and data collection. We’ll be able to streamline those processes further so we continue to have the educational intelligence needed to make informed decisions that improve student outcomes. It’s helpful to have a technology partner that shares our vision and recognizes its value,” said Tracy Williams, Director of Institutional Effectiveness at Hamline University.

With Watermark’s ability to streamline data collection, scoring, and reporting, administrators will be able to gather results and interpret data on learning outcomes achievement at both the programmatic and university levels. In addition, with a focus on improving the quality of its programs, effectiveness of curriculum at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, as well as accreditation reporting, Hamline will use Watermark’s enterprise course evaluation and institutional survey solution.

By doing so, the University will streamline processes for capturing student feedback across the institution at different points in time by centralizing and automating information-rich reporting that ensures both faculty and administrators have the actionable data needed to monitor quality and make real-time decisions that improve teaching and learning.

“It’s my pleasure to welcome Hamline University to the Watermark Community. As their partner, we are committed to supporting their student learning and institutional goals and helping them meet the challenges of effectively planning for assessment and using data to improve outcomes. We want our technology to ease those processes so that faculty and administrators can focus more on using their data to make meaningful improvements,” said Kevin Michielsen, CEO of Watermark.

Since 1854, Hamline has set the standard for excellence in a liberal arts education. Deeply rooted in justice, civic responsibility, and Methodist values, Hamline’s liberal arts curriculum prepares students to think critically, develop a worldly perspective, and become creative problem solvers for the future. With more than 50 areas of study, Hamline University has more than 2,000 undergraduate students, all of whom complete an internship or field-based study prior to graduation. With Watermark, Hamline is poised to centralize and streamline many core institutional processes in order to continue using its data to make meaningful improvements at all levels.

About Watermark
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