The 2016 AALHE Annual Conference comes to a close and reaches new heights with a focus on Student Learning

The sixth annual conference marks the first conference since Taskstream and AALHE formed a partnership to advance the field of learning assessment

LEXINGTON, Ky. and NEW YORK  – June 15, 2016 — The Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE) concluded a successful, sold-out conference with the theme, “Assessing What We Value: A Focus on Student Learning.” This marked the first major event following the recent announcement of the partnership between AALHE and Taskstream – the leading provider of assessment management and e-portfolio solutions for higher education.

More than 300 individuals from across the country – spanning Hawaii to New York – representing over 200 public and private colleges and universities descended on Milwaukee, Wisconsin from June 6-8 to network and share best practices and ideas for advancing effective assessment and improving student learning.

“The work of assessment in higher education is essential to both the improvement of student learning and to the communication of this to all,” said Catherine Wehlburg, President of AALHE. “This conference exemplified some of the best practical and theoretical work going on in the field of assessment in higher education. It was truly an inspiration to be at this conference and interact with such dedicated professionals.”

The conference featured three keynote and plenary sessions led by leaders in assessment, evaluation, and higher education:

  • “Potholes on the Road to Good Monitoring and Evaluation” – Presented by Thomas Chapel from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • “Leading with Assessment: Ensuring That What Counts for Us Matters for Our Students” – Presented by Kathleen Wise & Charles Blaich from the Center of Inquiry at Wabash College
  • “If a Student Learns, and There’s No One Around to Assess It, Does It Make a Sound? Reframing Assessment as Meaning Making.” – Presented by Jeremy Penn from North Dakota State University


The conference also featured more than 115 sessions led by practitioners from AALHE’s membership, including three Taskstream-sponsored sessions featuring some of their client institutions:

  • “Can Technology Help Make Assessment More Meaningful and Sustainable” with the University of Kentucky and Wright State University (View Slides)
  • “Panel Discussion: What Does It Really Take to Establish, Grow, and Sustain Assessment Systems and Processes on Campus?” with Wright State University, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and the University of Kentucky
  • “Engaging Academic and Co-Curricular Programs in Outcomes Assessment” with the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (View Slides)


“The environment at the conference was vibrant – you could feel a true sense of community, accomplishment, and forward momentum,” said Webster Thompson, President of Taskstream.  “It was an engaging and meaningful conference for many reasons, however I was most struck with the conversations regarding the effort to close the gap between teaching & learning practice and assessment practice.”

The 2017 AALHE Annual Conference is scheduled for June 12-14, 2017 and will be held in Louisville, Kentucky.  As part of their broader partnership with AALHE to advance the field of learning assessment, Taskstream will again be a major contributor at next year’s conference.  Taskstream and AALHE will also be working together to conduct research and develop resources intended to help the larger assessment community.


About AALHE:

The Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE) is an organization of practitioners interested in using effective assessment practice to document and improve student learning. As such, it serves the needs of those in higher education for whom assessment is a tool to help them understand learning and develop processes for improving it. AALHE is housed at the University of Kentucky, which provides generous technical and staff support, but the organization remains an independently incorporated, member-funded, non-profit entity recognized by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. AALHE is a charitable organization recognized as tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Service code 501(c)(3).  For more information, visit


About Taskstream:

Taskstream partners with institutions of higher education to improve student learning and institutional quality with proven, reliable, and user-friendly assessment management and e-portfolio solutions and supporting services. For more information, visit



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