The ‘Women at Watermark’ Initiative Launches

WTM WomenAtWatermark

NEW YORK –October 9, 2019 -Watermark is proud to announce its recently launched, employee-led women’s leadership and community-building program, Women at Watermark. This program is part of Watermark’s continued internal diversity and equity efforts and underscores the company’s guiding core values: People, Principles, Purpose, and Progress.

Research shows that women bring unique characteristics and capabilities to workplace challenges, so having broader representation across a company, as well as a better balance of women in all levels of management means a more diverse team with different perspectives and a greater ability to contribute new ideas. Yet, still only 25% of computing jobs are held by women in the U.S., and only 5% of leadership positions in the tech sector are held by women.  (National Center for Women & Information Technology, Business Insider)

While Watermark remains ahead of these industry trends, the company also recognizes there’s room to improve. With this initiative, the program looks to address this industry-based disparity and will continue creating a culture of equal opportunity and greater support for women and those who identify as women at Watermark.

Women at Watermark will weave women’s empowerment into the very fabric of the organization, encouraging the growth of women’s leadership and community building through lifelong learning and professional development, mentorship, and service to communities — the program’s three central pillars.

“At Watermark, we remain ahead of tech industry trends when it comes to women in leadership and management roles. With this initiative, we seek to continue cultivating a culture of equal opportunity and greater support for women and those who identify as women here at Watermark — through a variety of programming, networking, and community outreach opportunities,” said Debra Regan, Senior Vice President for Strategy & Operations at Watermark and Chair of the Women at Watermark Steering Committee.

The program will explore opportunities that foster the development of management and leadership skills, sponsor professional development events for all employees, provide mentoring and networking opportunities that allow team members to connect with one another, as well as celebrate the wide variety of skills that make women successful in the workplace. In addition, the program will support and serve women in local communities, in ways that positively impact the education, professional development, and work-life of women and those who identify as women.

The initiative launched this past month with its kick-off meeting, introducing the program to employees, which will be followed by its first networking event.

Victoria Guzzo
Corporate Communications