8 Ways to Maintain your Mental Health during COVID-19

June 9, 2020 Stephanie Garnett

The influx of news reports on the state of the world’s health can be extremely taxing on your mental state. We live in a society where we have access to global news in the palm of our hand and a Breaking News alert is only a push notification away. You may find yourself asking, “How can I pause and take a break from it all?” By using a combination of these resources, you will be able to guide yourself to a more positive state in no time.

Develop New Skills

Now is the time to learn how to cook that Texas-style BBQ brisket to perfection with barbeque master Aaron Franklin or learn the art of effective and authentic communication from Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts. Platforms such as Masterclass and Skillshare have successfully brought the global classroom to our fingertips. The new skills you develop are just one benefit - online courses help create connection and put a positive spin on our time in isolation.

Focus on Home Fitness

Strong mental health follows strong physical health. It is essential for us to take care of our bodies by working out and getting that heart pumping. Whether you enjoy crossfit, yoga, or Zumba, many gyms such as OrangeTheory & NYC’s Fhitting Room are currently running promotions to help you achieve your healthiest self. Not only do some gyms provide on-demand workout videos, but there are an array of live streams that give you the ability to virtually socialize with others while practicing social distancing.

Stay Connected

Making time for the people that matter most is essential. Don’t forget to reach out to family and friends during this time. For many, checking in on loved ones makes a world of difference and can be the highlight of a person’s day. Platforms such as Zoom, Instagram, and Houseparty made it easy to stay connected to your loved ones.

Get Your Rest

As basic as sleep may seem, many individuals are experiencing sleepless nights during the pandemic. Sleep is a crucial part of a person’s overall health and wellbeing. Not only does sleeping heal the body, but it also supports the immune system. Dr. Lisa Medalie, a behavioral sleep medicine specialist at the University of Chicago Medicine, suggests that individuals create sleep schedules, limit screen time, and minimize naps after 2 p.m.

Join a Virtual Book Club

Reading a book can be seen as one of the greatest escapes from reality. Entering the world of DC Comics or walking down memory lane through an autobiography about your favorite real-life hero not only passes time but allows you to open your mind to new experiences. Bookworms from around the world have come together in virtual book clubs where individuals meet once a week on Zoom and discuss the week’s reading.

Find Your Tribe

This is the perfect time to find individuals who share the same interests as you. Internet forums have now taken the place of physical venues where individuals would normally come together and connect. Platforms such as Reddit and Watermark’s very own The Commons have been a hub for people to connect. On The Commons, Watermark clients can share any questions they might have along with their experiences with assessment, course evaluation, faculty activity reporting, and how they are coping with COVID-19. Interested in joining The Commons? Email us at events@watermarkinsights.com for an invitation.

Learn More About Yourself

During quarantine, we might often forget to check in with ourselves. Creating a routine of journaling each day allows you to reflect and get in tune with yourself. Sites such as ProlificLiving offer lists of challenging self-evaluation questions. It can be quite interesting to discover parts of yourself that a mere question can unfold.

Talk to a Professional

As a whole, we are all trying to find the best ways to cope with a global pandemic. At times, practicing social distancing can make it feel like there is no one to talk to about how we truly feel. Luckily there are licenced professional therapists conducting virtual sessions on platforms like Talkspace who are able to assist in unpacking any obstacles you may be facing. No matter your background or lifestyle, there is a professional who is ready and willing to help.

Now more than ever, your mental health should be consistently nurtured and cared for. Please remember to unplug when needed and make time for the mind.

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