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April 2, 2015 Webster Thompson

New York City is the hub of diversity in many aspects. Those that have visited here can certainly attest to this fact. There seems to be a misunderstanding that New Yorkers can be a little unfriendly. It’s true that the environment here can be a little fast-paced, but I believe that most of the people here are interesting, unique, and kind – thanks to NYC’s diverse background. I feel like the NYC Taskstream Team is a great representation of the great city we live in. Our passion, work ethic and commitment to the success of Tasktream’s mission and its users is immediately clear if you interact with any of us.

Work ethic aside, there is another trait “Taskstreamers” share with many in the general New York population. Food. New York can certainly be considered a culinary epicenter, being home to many famous restaurants and food fads. Cooking, eating, experimenting, and in some cases obsessing about food, is certainly a pastime here on West 23rd street. Throughout our office, you will always find frequent group trips to sample new eateries and types of food, and sessions in the kitchen where international vacationers return with “something weird”. A few times a year we hold a cooking competition around a particular theme. Some enter, everyone judges. Departmental pride, community, and of course trash-talking all ensue. It helps us keep a light-hearted environment around the office. Of course we are sure to use the helpful Taskstream tools (forms and rubrics) as judging instruments whenever appropriate (we eat our own dog food is an apropos euphemism, just unfortunate given the context).

Those that will be attending CollabEx Live! this June, the Taskstream User Conference, (and are interested in gourmet food) will be excited to know the location at New York University’s Kimmel Center was not only selected for its gorgeous location, but its renown catering expertise and food that rivals the top restaurants in New York.

We have all likely been to our share of conferences and “enjoyed” hotel fare. If those attending the opening dinner on June 22nd feel their meal does not rival the best they have ever had, I will in fact eat my hat! Hope to see you all there.

– Webster Thompson

Webster Thompson, co-founder and President of Taskstream, leads Taskstream’s work with educational institutions across the country, meeting their evolving educational and assessment needs through the innovative use of e-portfolio and assessment management systems. Webster coordinates the activities of the development, integration, sales, and support teams to ensure that Taskstream’s products and services continue to address the ever-growing needs of educational institutions. Prior to forming Taskstream, Webster was a principal and lead designer/programmer with New Technology Collaborative, Inc., an educational software company. Webster holds a degree in Philosophy from Franklin and Marshall College.

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