Hold us up to the light…and see the Watermark

September 18, 2023 Kevin Michielsen

As you may already know, 2017 was an important year for our company. In March, Taskstream and Tk20 joined forces, with LiveText following suit in September. We recognized that we share a vision, and together, we can do more to empower institutions with better data to improve learning at all levels. We have continued building momentum by integrating operations, resources, and personnel in ways that will best serve you. Part of this work has included developing a new company name and brand to reflect our vision.

So you might be wondering, what does this name, Watermark™, mean?

Great question!

Defined as a mark of identification embedded during the manufacturing process and visible when held against the light, watermarks serve as stamps to validate authenticity and demonstrate a commitment to quality. As a name for the company, Watermark represents an enduring commitment to developing high-quality technology and providing data customers can trust. Customers will recognize immediately a continuing promise to maintain high standards of customer support and to provide solutions that empower institutions. Quite literally, a watermark shows how high water has risen and, as our new name, reinforces the company’s mission to put better data into the hands of administrators, educators, and learners everywhere so they can better understand progress towards goals and use these insights to drive improvement.

Taskstream, Tk20, and LiveText were each pioneers in the field of learning technology for over 20 years and are well known to their partners for high levels of customer support and effective assessment technologies. Like the rich history associated with each company, the use of watermarks also has a rich and varied history and is a fitting description for its representative companies. Like the mark seen faintly in the background or when held to the light, we also know that our role is behind the scenes. While we take our commitment to providing trusted technology and data seriously, we understand that technology is only part of the equation. We will continue to work to empower you with the solutions and services that help you make meaningful improvements.

Watermark Intro Video

This is an important and unique moment in education technology. Watermark represents a time when three top competitors recognized that, together, we could do more to empower you with the kind of data needed to improve learning. With the goal of helping institutions use better data to make decisions that will improve student outcomes, we partner with our clients to support an intentional strategy of engaging students in compelling learning experiences and backing institutions with the educational intelligence needed to improve learning outcomes at all levels.

As you can imagine, when bringing together three different companies – each with its own unique culture and identity – there was a lot of planning and hard work. I feel privileged to have worked so closely with the founding leaders of each company to develop our new company brand. We believe that together we have arrived at a name and visual identity that is a true reflection of our shared values.

On behalf of our team here at Watermark, we look forward to serving you and higher education well into the future, and we hope that when you hold us to the light, you see what we see.


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