Scoring Student Work More Easily in Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua)

September 18, 2023 Andrea Costa

Today, we’re happy to share the latest Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua) enhancements that will optimize your scoring workflows and make managing student submissions easier than ever.

Managing In-Progress Evaluations

When one evaluator marks a submission “in progress” in the Score Student Work queue, other evaluators cannot see (or score) those submissions. This restricted view can create a bottleneck in scoring workflows—particularly among collaborative teams evaluating student submissions near the end of a project.

But fear not… New scoring features in Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua) can help you save the day! Now, Assessment Coordinators have full visibility into all submissions each evaluator has in progress and can decide which ones to discard so they can be picked up by another scorer.

discard in progress evaluations from aqua

Group Evaluators by Course

When assigning evaluators to score work in a given project, you can now take advantage of a new option in Manage Evaluators > Project Settings that lets you group scorers by course. This new feature provides an additional level of insight and control that’s especially valuable when neither learning outcome nor course section is a good fit for evaluator groupings.

Want to streamline your scoring workflows even further?  This new option also gives you the ability to prevent evaluators from scoring evidence from their own students. This handy setting allows a group of evaluators to see and score work in queue from a specific course but hides any student submissions that originate from a course section in which the evaluator is also enrolled.

define evaluators by course with aqua

Filter & Sort Submissions

Take your submission management prowess up another notch with some advanced filtering and sorting options that go beyond the search for student name or ID. With the latest Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua) release, you can now filter and sort student work for a particular assignment from the Manage Submissions page in the following ways:

  • Filter by Course
  • Filter by Course Section (after selecting a course)
  • Filter by Status ( Submitted or Not Submitted for Scoring)
  • Sort by Number of Files Uploaded

These additional filters and sorting features are designed to simplify your workload by doing some of the hunting and gathering for you. From one quick view, you can identify which submissions are missing altogether, as well as any that are missing files required for submission.

scoring student work with Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua) and watermark

Input Course and Assignment Grades Inline

Entering grades for courses and assignments just got easier – this can be done inline, on the screen in Manage Submissions.  (Though it can still be imported via CSV if desired).

scoring student work with watermark and aqua

Take a minute to check out these new features to see how they can streamline your day with better workflows for assigning evaluators, scoring student work, and managing student submissions in Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua).

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