Better Living through Integration

September 18, 2023 Dave Goodman

You’ve just finished your morning coffee, and it’s time to get to work. First things first, you log in to Taskstream to evaluate some student artifacts. You enter your username, password and… login error? Oh right, that’s your username for Blackboard. You open a new tab, log in to Blackboard… oops! That’s your password for Facebook. So you try again, but… darn! That’s your Amazon password! Wait a second, where did that Taskstream tab go?

Sound familiar?

Juggling login credentials and browser tabs is a small price to pay for securing data, but it’s still an unwanted interruption when you’re just trying to get work done. That’s why we’ve made it possible to integrate your Learning Management System (LMS) with Taskstream, solving this juggling problem for anyone on campus who has to work in multiple platforms, like Blackboard, Moodle, or Canvas.

Integrating your LMS with Taskstream allows students and faculty to enjoy Single Sign-On (SSO), a process where they log into Taskstream to access work they need to complete in their LMS. A faculty member accessing Taskstream Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua) SSO would see a screen like this:

taskstream writing assignment example from watermark

Taskstream also offers students a deeper integration that streamlines the view even further:

Taskstream offers students a deeper integration

It’s like you never left the LMS! Not only does the deeper integration direct students to the precise area for them to attach and submit their work, it also provides only the tools they need to do so.

On top of the streamlined view, this deeper integration also automatically syncs Taskstream with LMS courses, making the setup of your Taskstream programs easier and faster.

This type of integration also accommodates assignments instructors want assessed in Taskstream, as well as a grade for their LMS gradebook. When an instructor scores an artifact in Taskstream, they can enter a numerical grade for that same artifact and send it back to the LMS gradebook.

In addition to the joys of SSO, integration also gives you more organized course pages that display links to assignments in both Taskstream and the LMS alongside one another. Here’s a screenshot of a course content page on Blackboard:

listing taskstream assignments with watermark

Listing Taskstream assignments on the LMS course page means less uncertainty about what needs to be completed in either platform.

For more information on how integrating with Taskstream can help your institution, reach out to your Implementation Specialist or contact us to get started.

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