Last year, seven institutions in the state (three 2-year and four 4-year) participated in the Texas Assessment Collaborative (TAC) in order to develop a capacity for authentic assessment of student work in the Texas Core. The TAC follows a similar methodology to the Multi-State Collaborative (MSC), led by AAC&U and SHEEO, in which nearly 90 institutions across 13 states collected student work samples and uploaded them to a central technology system for scoring by trained faculty with the Written Communication VALUE rubric. The initial results demonstrated the viability of this approach for assessment at the state level. In this session, we’ll discuss these initial findings and how institutions can benefit from joining the collaborative this year. We’ll also take a look at Aqua, the technology behind the MSC. When you join us, you’ll see how your institution can use the same faculty-friendly system to gather actionable data for improvement–whether you’re using the VALUE rubrics or your own locally developed rubrics for institutional learning outcomes.

Dr. Larry J. King
Stephen F. Austin State University
Chris Duke
San Jacinto Community College
John McGrath

2018 LEAP Texas Conference