Your university is committed to quality assurance and informed decision making, but your current process and tools may make it hard to efficiently capture data and share actionable reports. Here are some important questions to consider:

Do your faculty and administration have all of the information they need–delivered at the right time and in an easy-to-use format– to make meaningful improvements in teaching and learning?
Does your current system seamlessly integrate with your LMS to drive higher response rates and provide an intuitive survey experience for students?

Could your institution’s goals be better served by an all-in-one course/unit evaluation and survey system specifically designed to meet the needs of higher education?

In this presentation, we will share why so many institutions have entrusted these critical processes to EvaluationKIT by Watermark, a purpose-built software system locally hosted in Australia. You’ll discover key benefits of our solution, from great response rates to streamlined administration to robust reporting and integrations with key campus systems.

EvaluationKIT helps you gain deeper insights while providing a more cost-effective way to improve the course/unit evaluation and survey process for learners, faculty, and administration.

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Danny Collins

AAIR 2019

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