Hear from two universities about how they were able to streamline and sustain their assessment initiatives, and generate usable data more efficiently with Aqua by Taskstream. Since 2012, Wright State University has been assessing core general education outcomes through the collection of student work samples from approved gen ed courses. This year, the university moved this previously manual paper process to Aqua and realized several benefits: most notably, significantly reducing the time required to process the data and share the results with faculty. Building on its efforts as a participating institution in the Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Learning Outcomes Assessment (MSC), the University of Kentucky similarly collected and scored samples of student work to assess written communication among upper division students for the institution’s Quality Enhancement Plan. See the user-friendly technology from Taskstream that supports the MSC and these campus assessment initiatives and learn how the technology has helped to sustain and grow these efforts.

Image of Jeff
Jeff Reid
Headshot of Renee Aitken
Renee Aitken
Wright State University
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Tara Rose
University of Kentucky

AALHE Conference 2016