At institutions where students have flexibility in choosing courses, they often struggle to see a master plan for their learning. At our institution, students must pass several such milestones before moving on in the program.

We have found this to have several benefits:

• Faculty coordinate course content for classes of multiple types (lab, lecture, etc), resulting in exceptional, organized curriculum development.

• Expectations for programs and courses are explicitly shared with students in the form of course guides.

• Lower level classes are valued equally with upper level classes, since they are identified as part of a progression.

• Student success is strengthened: passing milestones sets students up for achievement in the next series of courses.

• Students are encouraged to assume the role of active agent in their own educational processes.

In this session, we advocate that milestones (based on specific learning outcomes) can help clarify the educational path for students.

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Betsy Carroll
The Culinary Institute of America

CollabEx Live! 2015