This session will present how Taskstream was incorporated into the assessment of the honors program at a mid-sized private university. With robust curricular and co-curricular elements, the honors program offers a unique microcosm of a university, providing a perfect venue for building a model of integrated assessment and documentation of student learning.

During the spring semester, a team of faculty and graduate students designed an assessment plan utilizing Taskstream that will allow the honors program to knit together the assessment of its learning outcomes related to research, service, and leadership throughout a wide variety of student learning experiences and venues. Additionally, we designed a plan that would provide students with training so that they can utilize Taskstream to help them reflect upon and document their learning not only in honors courses, but also our mentoring program, service experiences, study abroad, internships, senior thesis research, and so forth through the e-portfolio.

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Susan Warner Taylor
Baldwin Wallace University
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Amy E. Story
Baldwin Wallace University

CollabEx Live! 2015