The team at UMass Amherst worked with Taskstream on a portfolio pilot to complement their “SBS Pathways”philosophy, which integrates advising and curriculum and helps students be more intentional in their academic and future planning. The portfolio system uses two components: 1) An inward-facing platform for growth, exploration, and reflection that students complete over their undergraduate career, and 2) an outward-facing professional portfolio that allows students to collect, curate, and publicly share their work. Together, these two pieces encourage students to participate in academic, co-curricular, experiential, and professional development opportunities that build success at UMass and beyond; to recognize the competencies they gain at UMass (through a competency self-assessment); to understand the importance of self-reflection as a component of growth and learning; and to better understand who they want to be in the world.

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Jackie Brousseau-Pereira
University of Massachusetts Amherst