This presentation from Taskstream’s 2015 CollabEx Live! will describe the use of e-portfolios along with the importance and benefits of teacher reflection and how they can lead to professional growth and improvement. Presenters will discuss the design and implementation of e-portfolios for both an internship and a capstone experience in an online ESL/Bilingual graduate degree program. Both experiences require teachers to not only interact with the school community as advocates for ESL/Bilingual education, but to also become reflective in their classroom teaching practices. This reflection then leads to teacher development which in turn supports higher student achievement.

Presenters will share results of a qualitative study conducted by the college that supports the use of the internship and capstone e-portfolio experiences as professional development and opportunities for teacher reflection and improvement.

Dr. Rebecca Wiehe
American College of Education
Dr. Rochelle Franklin
American College of Education
Ms. Cynthia Rawlins
American College of Education

CollabEx Live! 2015