Since the start of the project, the Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Learning Outcomes Assessment/VALUE Initiative (MSC) has made great strides advancing a model to scale the assessment of common student learning outcomes across institution and state lines based on authentic student work, representing a paradigm shift in cross-institution learning assessment. The MSC/VALUE Initiative is collecting data on learning outcomes that has never been done in such a systemic way without relying on standardized tests.

In its 2015 pilot study, the initiative spanned 9 states and 76 public institutions with 176 faculty scoring more than 7,200 student artifacts across three learning outcomes (written communication, quantitative literacy, and critical thinking).  In its demonstration year, the project expanded to 12 states, 105 public institutions, and more than 190 faculty scorers scoring over 10,000 student artifacts.

Join AAC&U, SHEEO, and Taskstream for the final webinar in the current Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Learning Outcomes Assessment (MSC)/VALUE Initiative series to learn how the initiative is changing the way institutions and states view student learning assessment. In this webinar, the two primary project leaders, Julie Carnahan from SHEEO and Terrel Rhodes from AAC&U, will:

• Provide an update on the MSC/VALUE Initiative and discuss progress made during the 2016 Demonstration year.
• Share their biggest learnings thus far.
• Discuss areas for future consideration and growth.

During this interactive webinar, the speakers also want to hear from you! Before and during the webinar, email ( or tweet us (#MSCWebinars) with your thoughts on whether/why/how the work stemming from the MSC/VALUE Initiative could be useful at your institution/state. The speakers will discuss these comments live during their presentation.

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Julie Carnahan
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Terrel Rhodes
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