This webinar discusses the foundation and development of the Educator Disposition Assessment (EDA) tool and its use in teacher preparation programs as a valid and reliable research-based instrument for measuring candidate dispositional behavior. Led by the researchers and practitioners from The University of Tampa who developed the EDA instrument, the presentation shares how the EDA was specifically structured to align with CAEP and InTASC Standards and the Danielson and Marzano frameworks.

Webinar attendees will learn how the EDA meets and exceeds the CAEP Evaluation Framework expectations, successfully addressing all five components:

  1. Suggestions for administration and explanation of purpose
  2. Indicators that require evaluators to judge consequential attributes of candidate proficiencies and standards
  3. Well-defined scoring criteria
  4. Estimates of reliability to include reported reliability coefficients
  5. Evidence of construct validity with composite scores that move toward predictive validity
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Dr. Pattie Johnston
The University of Tampa
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Dr. Adrianne Wilson
The University of Tampa
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Dr. Gina M. Almerico
The University of Tampa
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