If you are grappling with the challenge of collecting multi-dimensional learning outcomes data from direct assessments of student work and/or engaging in productive conversations about what students really know and are able to do, Aqua by Taskstream is an ideal solution for you. The technology behind the Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Learning Outcomes Assessment led by AAC&U and SHEEO, Aqua is a refreshingly easy-to-use system that provides a simpler path to more meaningful assessment. View this webinar recording and learn how Aqua can help you with the following and more:

• Get to discrete outcomes data more easily with a streamlined process for assessment
• Remove barriers of time, cost, and community resistance
• Engage in meaningful conversations about student learning

This webinar recording is designed as an overview of Aqua by Taskstream. It is intended for individuals interested in learning more about the key processes we support with our proven software solutions, as well as how we work with clients to further their success.

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Watermark Staff