How will institutions approach course evaluations in this time of uncertainty?

Some schools recognize the need to rapidly move to a digital evaluation solution after being unable to complete their paper-based evaluations. Other institutions plan to “hold faculty harmless” for spring evaluations and will share results with administration at the instructor’s discretion, while others plan to proceed with evaluations as usual, with a few targeted questions to capture specific feedback on the quick transition to online learning and its impact on students. Some institutions have even decided to suspend course evaluations entirely during the spring semester — but are working on plans to continue evaluations during the summer and fall.

Join us for a panel discussion featuring users of EvaluationKIT by Watermark, who will share:

  • How they developed course evaluation plans for their upcoming evaluation cycles
  • Ways they are using technology and digital processes to support their survey efforts
  • Planned additions and adjustments to course evaluation questions
  • Key considerations for measuring and tracking results
  • How to apply these insights to the next term and beyond
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Christa Smith
Washburn University
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Robyn Marschke
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
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Pam Jones
Swinburne University
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Watermark Staff