Join us for the first in a series of free webinars about the collaborative, nationwide effort led by SHEEO and AAC&U to change the way we view assessment of student learning in higher education.

The Multi-State Collaborative is a twelve-state project involving more than 100 two– and four–year campuses to develop and demonstrate a scalable approach for the direct assessment of student learning across a set of essential learning outcomes. The approach collects and assesses authentic student work assessed by faculty using the VALUE rubrics.

In the 2015 pilot study, more than 7,000 samples of student work produced for course assignments were uploaded and distributed for scoring through an online system developed by Taskstream, the project’s technical partner. 126 faculty members were trained, and then independently scored students’ work to produce a preliminary landscape analysis of student achievement at the participating schools. Faculty evaluated student work using the VALUE rubrics for achievement in three important learning outcome areas: written communication, critical thinking, and quantitative literacy.

In this webinar, the two primary project leaders, Julie Carnahan from SHEEO and Terrel Rhodes from AAC&U, will describe the background, process, resources and initial findings – including assessment scores and results – and discuss reflections and implications for the next phase of this growing initiative. Register now to join the discussion about this promising model for scalable direct assessment of learning grounded in authentic student coursework and engaged faculty participation.

Headshot of Terrel Rhodes
Terrel Rhodes
Headshot of Julie Carnahan
Julie Carnahan