The Office of Institutional Research & Assessment at Baldwin Wallace University supports faculty with a variety of resources that reinforce their vision of providing a maximal learning experience for all students. To this end, the university uses Taskstream by Watermark across campus to advance assessment, collect faculty reflections, develop action plans, and prepare for HLC—all while ensuring their programs have a powerful impact on student learning.

In this webinar, you’ll find out how Baldwin Wallace implemented a host of improvements across the institution to enhance student learning from freshman- to senior-year, by leveraging Taskstream by Watermark to:

  • Manage institution and program assessment planning
  • Engage students in the assessment of learning outcomes
  • Promote collaboration among faculty assessing student work
  • Facilitate an “Assessment Palooza” to share results, discuss reflections, and determine progress

Hear Baldwin Wallace’s story and learn how faculty at your institution can become more involved in assessment, using Taskstream by Watermark to connect the institutional dots and engage in more meaningful assessment practices across campus.

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Watermark Staff