How have institutions shifted their catalog and curriculum planning and management processes to support the rapid transition to remote learning — and its likely continuation in summer/fall?

As many institutions try to do more with less, registrars are being pulled into projects outside of their typical responsibilities, leaving less time to follow a formal process for curriculum changes. Some institutions have experienced additional challenges with communication and collaboration as staff have shifted to remote work. As institutions begin to plan ahead for summer and fall, they are leveraging technology to support digital proposal submissions and remote committee review.

Join us for a panel discussion featuring users of SmartCatalog by Watermark, who will share:

  • The most valuable data they’ve collected and how they plan to apply it to future planning
  • Lessons learned from the spring term and the rapid transition to remote learning
  • Ways to effectively plan and manage an all-online curriculum
  • Opportunities for improvement that transcend the pandemic
  • Effective communications strategies that have helped keep their key audiences informed and reassured
  • How they are using SmartCatalog by Watermark to create a consistent and efficient curriculum review process to help them stay nimble in the face of continued change

We invite you to ask questions as we all work to figure this out together!

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Jim Vitagliano
MGH Institute of Health Professions
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Lesley Cooper
Kankakee Community College
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Don Moonshine
University of California - Santa Cruz
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Watermark Staff