As higher education institutions have made an emergency transition to remote learning, faculty have been challenged to change the format and content of their courses while creating a positive learning experience for students. There has been broad discussion around how to fairly and accurately apply data and insights gathered on the spring semester to faculty reviews and evaluations, and many institutions are also considering how to handle the tenure and promotion process with so much in flux.

Many institutions are taking a different approach to their faculty review processes, including adjusting tenure timelines, broadening their scope of measurement, and shifting priorities. Join us for a panel discussion featuring users of Digital Measures by Watermark, who will share:

  • What’s changed – and will change – in their faculty reporting and measurement processes as a result of the pandemic
  • Key insights they’ve gained through the quick transition to remote learning this spring, and how they’ll apply these to future terms
  • Adjustments to tenure and promotion, faculty reviews, and evaluations, and how these are being coordinated across the institution

Our panelists will also share how Digital Measures by Watermark is helping them manage an ever-changing faculty activity reporting process and reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks — which is now more important than ever as faculty juggle even greater workloads and stress.

We invite you to ask questions as we all work to figure this out together!

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Brandon Shields
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Susan Powers
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Jody Waters
Southern Oregon University
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Watermark Staff