Colleges of Education, just like all other higher education providers, have been challenged with pivoting to emergency remote teaching, maintaining critical processes amidst disruption, and telecommuting during the COVID transition. But professional programs that rely on hands-on clinical practice and real-time, in-person feedback face unique challenges when shifting learning to a digital-only environment.

Join us for a panel discussion to hear the strategies other EPPs are using to continue supporting student success and maintain program quality this spring and beyond. You’ll hear how our panelists are working to:

  • Provide candidates with timely and effective feedback for improvement using digital tools
  • Pivot field-based experience and student teaching requirements
  • Collect outcomes assessment data, with new considerations for how data from this semester will be used to inform improvement
  • Apply insights from the shift to remote teaching to inform curricular planning for summer and fall
  • Continue to advance self-study and accreditation efforts amidst disruption

Our panelists will also share how they are using Watermark solutions to maintain continuity of existing processes and foster a culture of transparency and collaboration, while adjusting their strategies for the new reality.

We invite you to ask questions as we all work to figure this out together!

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Christine Widdall, Ph.D.
SUNY Cortland
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Jessica Allen
Henderson State University
headshot of Shannan Palomba
Shannan Palomba
Gonzaga University
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Miranda Arnold
Liberty University
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Watermark Staff