Do you struggle to manage all the faculty data required for various reporting needs? Do your faculty grumble every time they’re asked to provide the same piece of information — again?!

Faculty tell us they are asked to provide information on their research, teaching, and service activities as many as 8-12 times a year. They spend hours digging through folders and CVs to furnish the same data for just slightly different reporting needs.

With an integrated faculty activity reporting system, you can cut down request volume to just 1-2 times a year (a reduction of up to 90%) by capturing faculty information once — and using it infinitely.

Recently named Overall EdTech Solution of the Year by EdTech Breakthrough, Digital Measures by Watermark offers innovative features to help your institution simplify its faculty activity reporting and review processes. Instead of sending multiple requests to faculty for the same information and managing data in disparate systems, you can streamline and centralize the process of collecting and reporting on faculty teaching, research, service, and professional development data for accreditation, annual review, and more.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can:

  • Capture and manage data for accreditation reporting — including faculty qualifications — in a central location
  • Get rid of the binders filling your provost’s office by digitizing annual review, promotion, and tenure
  • Engage faculty with dynamic, up-to-date web profiles that enable them to easily share their stories
  • Showcase the accomplishments of your faculty to prospective faculty and students, accreditors, media and funders

You’ll also get a look at our newest patent-pending innovation for Digital Measures by Watermark, designed to make the process of entering CV data 5x faster!

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Ben Vincent
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Watermark Staff