You need a systematic way to collect data and authentic evidence of student learning and/or a way to encourage students to reflect on their achievement of program and institutional learning outcomes. The Learning Achievement Tools (LAT) by Taskstream employs a portfolio-based approach to teaching and learning, which allows faculty to engage students more actively in outcomes assessment through self-reflection, feedback, and evaluation. LAT allows faculty to collect authentic evidence and data to inform continuous improvements and demonstrate success at course, program, and institutional levels.

Join us for this brief webinar to learn how your institution can do the following and more with LAT:

• Engage students in the assessment of learning outcomes, standards and competencies
• Encourage students to reflect on their learning in curricular and co-curricular experiences
• Collect student-level assessment data to improve teaching and learning
• Aggregate and analyze student performance data for improvement and reporting needs
• Demonstrate student achievement through performance data and authentic work products

This webinar is designed as an overview of the Learning Achievement Tools by Taskstream. It is intended for individuals interested in learning more about the key processes we support with our proven software solutions, as well as how we work with clients to further their success.

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Watermark Staff