Teacher preparation units around the country are abuzz with talk of the new edTPA, which offers a nationally available, standardized performance assessment to ensure that teacher candidates are ready for the classroom. Candidates in twenty-one states participated in the edTPA 2012 field test. In this webinar, hear two institutions’ experiences from different stages of edTPA implementation and their perspectives on how the assessment contributes to program and unit assessment.

Ohio was an initial member of the Teacher Performance Assessment Consortium in 2011 and in January 2012 all of the state’s 51 teacher preparation units began piloting the new edTPA. Dr. Gallagher discusses Ohio Northern University’s experience with the edTPA to date, the benefits they achieve using the university’s chosen e-portfolio and assessment management system, and the process by which program changes were made as a result of their pilot and field test experiences.

In New York, edTPA adoption occurred more recently when the New York State Board of Regents required the assessment as an initial licensure certification examination beginning with candidates graduating in May 2014. Dr. Todd discusses how her institution, SUNY Buffalo State, views the value of the assessment to their unit and program assessment system as they gear up for their spring 2013 field test.

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Dr. Deb Gallagher
Ohio Northern University
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Dr. Mary Todd
SUNY Buffalo State