Managing curriculum and catalog production on campus is deadline-driven and labor intensive for registrars and other participants, whether you’re involved in producing the course catalog, participate in curriculum review processes, or develop and manage syllabi.

In this webinar, you’ll see how workflows within SmartCatalog by Watermark support your curriculum, catalog, and syllabi approval processes, enabling you to develop custom forms aligned with your requirements, ensuring key deadlines are met, providing transparency to key stakeholders, and maintaining version control.

You’ll also learn about a new integration with Ellucian that enables you to seamlessly import course content into your catalog and publish approved curriculum changes to your SIS–ensuring your course content is always accurate and up-to-date across core systems.

Learn how to:

  • Manage curriculum, catalog, and syllabi in a single, integrated system
  • Develop custom forms and workflows aligned with your processes
  • Provide clear documentation of your curriculum review processes and syllabi for accreditation
  • Utilize a new SIS integration with Ellucian to ensure accurate, consistent course data across campus systems
Nicole Arsenault