Changes in leadership, methods, assessment software, and other factors can quickly derail a learning outcomes and assessment initiative. This interactive session will explore the four factors and support functions that are critical to sustaining a learning outcome and assessment strategy across your institution over time. You will be introduced to four Sustainability Tools that you can use to inspire collaborative and purposeful dialogue among key stakeholders on campus.

You will complete the webinar knowing how to use the four Sustainability Tools to gauge the sustainability of your institution’s learning outcome and assessment efforts and develop an effective long-term plan.

Your Learning Guide:
Kathy Telban SPHR, CPT, M.Ed., is the Chief Executive Manager of The Learning Organization, which helps college, university, and workplace educators create, improve and sustain a learning outcome and assessment system. She is one of six authors who contributed to The Outcome Primer Series 2.0, which describes this comprehensive approach. Kathy is also founder and Chief Outcome Strategist of iSOLVit, LLC, an organizational effectiveness consulting and services firm that help organizations improve their outcomes where everyone matters. Learn more at: Connect with her at:

Kathy Telban CPT, SPHR, M.Ed
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