To move beyond a compliance focus and experience the full benefits of intentional assessment, institutions must have a clearly articulated plan for how to use assessment results to improve student learning outcomes and institutional quality. Developing a culture of continuous improvement–and the structures required to effectively engage diverse stakeholders in the process–can be a tall order. Many institutions find that it is helpful to start with targeted assessment initiatives to build faculty investment.

Watermark is proud to partner with institutions to help them develop comprehensive quality improvement plans that address innovative ways to improve the knowledge and skills acquired by students, engage faculty in the process, and support the mission of the institution.

This webinar will highlight how institutions can leverage Watermark to:

  • Promote transparency and build your culture of improvement with a standardized approach to assessment.
  • Engage faculty with collaborative workspaces and integrated review processes
  • Develop and seamlessly manage outcomes-based assessment projects
  • Efficiently score student work across programs and disciplines
  • Analyze and filter evaluation data by student demographics and level to get a clearer picture of the impact of continuous improvement efforts across the institution

Shaw University: Reimagining Scoring & Assessments in Aqua to Support QEP

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