Accreditors, including CAEP, require that education programs address and assess candidate dispositions throughout their experience.

In partnership with the EDA, LLC, a team of researchers from the University of Tampa, Watermark offers education providers solutions to assess candidate dispositions. We’ve done the heavy lifting to develop the assessments in accordance with psychometric best practices for validity and reliability and align them with common accreditation standards.

In this webinar, join Dr. Gina Almerico of the EDA team to learn about the two newest products for assessing candidate dispositions in online and educational leadership programs, as well as the original assessment for teacher candidates in traditional educator preparation programs. You’ll hear about the research that went into developing the instruments–which have been reviewed by hundreds of subject matter experts–and learn how you can implement these solutions in your program today, along with the added benefits of using the tools within a Watermark assessment system.


  • Learn about new dispositions offerings for online learning and educational leadership programs
  • Understand how dispositions instruments align with leading accreditation standards, including CAEP, ISTE, AECT, and NELP
  • Hear about the research approach employed to develop valid and reliable instruments
  • Discover how you can implement dispositions instruments in your EPP

Learn more about the Watermark-EDA solutions on our website.

Image of G. Almerico
Dr. Gina M. Almerico
The University of Tampa
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Watermark Staff