Public colleges and universities across Texas are reviewing core courses for alignment to the new Texas Core Curriculum and developing assessment plans for submission to the THECB by the November deadline. For most institutions, assessing student attainment of the six Core Objectives will pose new challenges and many are still considering options for the best way to proceed.

We invite you to view this webinar to learn more about the assessment requirements for the new Texas Core Curriculum and to listen to a discussion about these from Texas peer institutions. This session is facilitated by Dr. Rex Peebles, a co-chair of the THECB committee responsible for revising the Core Curriculum, and includes:

  • Background on the new Core Curriculum
  • Overview of the THECB assessment recommendations and reporting requirements
  • Common questions about the new requirements
  • Open discussion of challenges and strategies for addressing the requirements
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Dr. Rex Peebles
Midland College
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Watermark Staff