When implementing a significant change, how can you be sure you’re achieving your goal? Accurate measurement, thorough documentation, and ongoing review is essential to continuous improvement, but it is often challenging to keep track of the details. For this reason, many institutions use the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) model to support assessment initiatives, as its iterative approach helps achieve continuous improvement through action-oriented learning.

Join Dr. Brandon Combs, Executive Director of Assessment & Accreditation at Lee College for an overview of how they use the PDSA model of course-based assessment in conjunction with Planning & Self Study by Watermark to support their ongoing assessment and continuous improvement efforts. During this session, Lee College will share how Planning & Self Study has streamlined reporting while eliminating the need for paper-based submissions of assessment reports. You’ll also learn how Lee College transitioned to Planning & Self Study by Watermark and how the platform has improved efficiency in accreditation reporting and other mission-critical processes.
In this webinar, we will:

  • Review the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) model of course-based assessment
  • Outline Lee College’s selection process in choosing a digital solution for assessment & accreditation reporting
  • Highlight ways continuous improvement and accreditation reporting have been enhanced by implementing digital processes
  • Share insights into the key features of Watermark’s Planning & Self Study platform that support more efficient and accurate accreditation reporting
Brandon Combs
Lee College