Whether you are preparing for an upcoming accreditation visit, coming from a recent one, or simply want to improve how your institution plans for and demonstrates success, the Accountability Management System (AMS) by Taskstream will help you achieve your goals and take your institution and program assessment planning to the next level.

Join us for this brief webinar to learn how your institution can do the following and more with AMS:

• Establish a clear process and central repository for assessment across your institution
• Foster program-level discussions about intended outcomes, assessment plans and results
• Document each step of the process, from outcomes to improvement plans
• Track achievement of institutional goals and identify areas for growth
• Help programs make informed decisions about curricular changes

This webinar is designed as an overview of the Accountability Management System by Taskstream. It is intended for individuals interested in learning more about the key processes we support with our proven software solutions, as well as how we work with clients to further their success.

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Watermark Staff