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Some say it takes a village. We couldn’t agree more. We believe that together we can all do more to improve learning for students everywhere. We are proud to partner with leading organizations to advance the practice of meaningful assessment and quality education. We’re always inspired by what we can accomplish together and are eager to apply insights we gain to better serve the institutions we support.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Worldwide Public Sector helps government, education, and nonprofit customers deploy cloud services to reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and increase innovation across the globe. Public Sector organizations of all sizes use AWS to build applications, host websites, harness big data, store information, conduct research, and improve online access for citizens. AWS helps customers pave the way for innovation and make the world a better place through technology. Learn how University of Northern Colorado and University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley benefit from the Watermark/AWS partnership


The Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions (CLICKS) is the Middle East and North African region’s most comprehensive training, support, and consultancy group. Together, Watermark and CLICKS are partnering to advance practices around quality assurance, outcomes assessment, and student success at higher education institutions throughout the MENA region.

The The Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE) seeks to transform P-16 teaching and learning so that all students – particularly the underserved – have equitable access to powerful, deeper learning and are truly prepared for success in college, careers, and civic life. SCALE created the edTPA, the first nationally available capstone performance assessment used for teacher licensure and to support state and national program accreditation.


The EDA, LLC is composed of researcher professors from the University of Tampa’s College of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Education. Developed by the EDA, LLC and based on over 700 hours of research, the Educator Disposition Assessment is a formal approach to track and monitor candidate dispositional behaviors as they progress through teacher preparation programs. The EDA rubric and training are available for institutional purchase exclusively through Watermark. Learn more.

Inspired by the transformative impact of education, Ellucian develops software and services that power the essential work of higher education institutions around the globe. Ellucian works with more than 2,500 institutions in more than 50 countries—enhancing operations and enriching the experience for over 20 million students. The Ellucian portfolio is comprehensive and built off of best practices from their community of schools as well as their 50 years of experience transforming the industry landscape.


eWorks is one of Australia’s leading e-learning delivery and consultancy specialists, offering a range of products and services to help maximize the benefits of online education. eWorks has a strong foundation in servicing the National VET system, government organisations and the corporate sector, and prides itself on delivering high-quality and reliable online delivery solutions. With over 25 years of experience, eWorks has established a client base of more than 200 organizations worldwide. Learn more. Learn more.

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