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AWS hosting: reliability and scale

Hosting all Watermark products on AWS creates a secure environment, freeing you to focus on student success without worrying about your data or downtime.

Reliable access to your insights with AWS

In 2021, we started migrating all products to be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), expecting it to take up to two years. We were done in a few months. Today all products are hosted by AWS, giving us the ability to quickly evolve our products, and enabling you to effortlessly scale usage during busy times of the year.

  • AWS builds new features and products based on client feedback, just like we do
  • Gives us the security, flexibility, and scale to serve institutions globally
  • All data is encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Easily scale usage, even during busy times
  • Stability and security built-in
  • AWS is already trusted by institutions
  • Reliable, speedy access to data
  • Helps us quickly develop new features
  • Flexibility to grow and scale with ease

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