By automating tedious tasks and simplifying data collection, Watermark’s solutions give your faculty and staff more time to focus on what matters most: student success. We give you access to data that drives key decisions, empowers continuous improvement, and helps your institution evolve.

Planning & Self-Study

Designed specifically to support assessment and accreditation requirements, Planning & Self-Study simplifies strategy development, data collection, and reporting.

  • Gather actionable assessment data in an integrated hub
  • Use pre-built, customizable templates to simplify self-study and program review
  • Centralize strategic planning for schools, departments, and the institution
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Course Evaluations & Surveys

Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly EvaluationKIT) offers simple tools to capture and analyze student feedback, with LMS integrations and mobile capabilities that boost response rates.

  • Eliminate paper surveys and manual data entry
  • Create consistency with standardized templates and question banks
  • Run real-time reports to inform decision-making and drive improvement
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Faculty Success

Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) creates a single source of truth for faculty research, service, and teaching activity, making it easy to showcase accomplishments.

  • Cut manual data entry by 80% by importing activities directly from CVs
  • Easily manage review, promotion, and tenure processes
  • Keep your website current with automatic faculty profile updates
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Student Learning & Licensure

With Student Learning & Licensure (formerly Via), students can create ePortfolios to showcase their achievements, while faculty can analyze their progress and manage field placement.

  • Assign and coordinate detailed placements for internships, clinicals, and educator prep
  • Easily embed common rubrics and report on progress
  • Create web-based portfolios to support post-graduate job searches and program applications
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Outcomes Assessment Projects

Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua) makes it easy to organize rubric-based assessment projects and create a simple scoring process for reviewers.

  • Quickly configure and score artifacts against multiple rubrics
  • Assign evaluation tasks and manage multiple rounds of scoring
  • Pull interactive reports to visualize key insights
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Curriculum Strategy

With Curriculum Strategy (formerly SmartCatalog), connect curriculum to learning outcomes and effortlessly maintain an up-to-date course catalog.

  • Efficiently manage the proposal, review, and approval process for new curriculum
  • Connect key data through Student Information System (SIS) integration
  • Inform curricular changes with student feedback and assessment data
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Student Success & Engagement (Aviso Enterprise)

Powered by artificial intelligence, Watermark’s student success solution helps colleges and universities keep students engaged, optimize the chances of student success, and avoid attrition by combining proven coaching methodologies with supportive student retention software tools and predictive analytics.

  • Turn data from SIS, LMS, and other institutional systems into actionable insights
  • Use validated research to guide intervention strategies
  • Create deeper connections and collaboration between students and their support teams
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