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A centralizing system capable of driving critical action in leadership, student success, and continuous improvement.

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By simplifying data collection and automating tedious tasks, Watermark’s solutions give your faculty and staff more time to focus on what matters most: institutional and student success. Access insights that drive key decisions, empower continuous improvement, and help your institution evolve.

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Planning & Self-Study

Get more from your assessment and accreditation management software. Planning & Self-Study helps you centralize planning, assessment, and outcomes to surface insights that fuel data-driven decisions. Drive a collaborative self-study process and demonstrate progress toward your strategic plan with ease.

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Course Evaluations & Surveys

Simplify the course evaluation process and convert results into actionable next steps for immediate benefit. Engage students where they are, increase response rates with deep LMS integrations, and analyze trends over time. Take advantage of quality feedback, deeper insights, and instant results.

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Faculty Success

Capture faculty information once — use it infinitely. Faculty Success is a central hub that stores faculty accomplishments, helping administrators propel faculty’s careers. Share achievements with CVs and public web profiles, efficiently report faculty credentials for accreditation, and facilitate reviews.

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Student Learning & Licensure

Measure the entire learning experience with Student Learning & Licensure. Help students showcase their accomplishments with ePortfolios and assess learning from the classroom to the field. Support student success by guiding them through program requirements, step by step.

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Outcomes Assessment Projects

Manage student learning outcomes assessment at scale to identify areas for improvement in large programs — like general education — quickly. Engage teams of evaluators in rubric-based assessment in a system that helps you ensure inter-rater reliability. Use interactive, visual reports to analyze results.

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Curriculum Strategy

Easily collaborate to build and share a curriculum that powers student success with Curriculum Strategy. Streamline curriculum development and catalog creation, use student feedback to inform curricular changes, and keep your online catalog accurate with real-time updates.

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Student Success & Engagement

Boost student retention through proactive support. Get early alerts when students start to waver and prioritize student outreach with predictive analytics. Support students through recruitment, enrollment, and graduation from one context-rich place.

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Watermark Insights Hub

Data without context is just noise. See how our solutions work together to provide the context you need through our Insights Hub, the center of our Educational Impact Suite.

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