How much time and money could you save on Faculty Activity Reporting?

A digital faculty activity reporting solution will change how you administer your faculty’s accomplishments, promote university successes to key stakeholders, and evaluate faculty performance. This calculator offers an idea of what your school could save by investing in a new solution.

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...and we'll tell you how much time and money you can save using Watermark Faculty Success for faculty activity reporting.

When your faculty activity reporting system does the heavy lifting, you'll have more resources to apply to other priorities:


Faculty Reviews

Imagine a more comprehensive and consistent process.



Web Profile Updates

Share up-to-date accomplishments without IT support.



Data on Demand

Cut time spent reporting on faculty credentials, analyzing workload, and much more.


854 hours

Estimated Total Savings per Year

What could you do with the extra time?

In addition to your annual savings, when you onboard Faculty Success you can use CV Imports to bring in full faculty activity histories and seamlessly connect the system to your campus web profiles to save 1235 hours on upfront setup.

* These numbers are based on an estimate that your campus conducts 193 annual reviews, reviews 10 promotion & tenure cases, manages 193 faculty web profiles, and responds to 9 unique requests for faculty qualification reports, workload data, activity summaries, and more per year. Cost savings is calculated based upon $32/hr, the median Associate and Assistant Professor hourly rate computed from 2019-2020 CUPA-HR data.

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