A Simpler Path to More Meaningful Assessment

Engage faculty with the user-friendly technology trusted by the VALUE Institute and the Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Quality Student Learning to collect and score authentic student work against rubrics, and report on assessment.

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Measuring Student Learning Outcomes with Assessment Data Analysis

Simple Scoring

Evaluate submissions with ease

Ease the burden on faculty with a variety of user-friendly methods for uploading and evaluating student artifacts against standard rubrics. Our intuitive system simplifies the scoring process and makes it easy to manage multiple scoring rounds.

Measuring Student Learning Outcomes with Assessment Data Analysis

Beautiful, Robust Reporting

Dig into Relevant Data

We designed our interactive reports with powerful visualizations to help simplify analysis. Filter outcomes reports to disaggregate data by key demographics and analyze scores by rubric criterion to quickly see what’s happening with student learning.

Advance Learning Outcomes

Easily organize assessment efforts and generate meaningful data quickly.

Online Higher Education Assessment and Accreditation Software for Schools

Faculty Engagement

Our sleek interface puts faculty engagement at the heart of the experience. Intuitive controls and streamlined navigation provide easy visibility into action items and make evaluating artifacts quick and easy.

Flexible Collection Methods

Upload student work manually, in bulk, or through your LMS. You can view submissions and score many types of artifacts, including Word docs, PowerPoint slides, PDFs, and videos up to 500MB.

Authentic Student Work

Instead of standardized tests or surveys, our purpose-built system uses rubrics to score actual student coursework. This generates more meaningful data more quickly and enables better assessment of essential knowledge and critical skills.

Streamlined Project Management

Project dashboards help you stay on track with a quicker, easier way to monitor the status of assessment initiatives, manage multiple rounds of scoring, and distribute work to faculty for evaluation.

Support Better Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Assess learning and generate outcomes-based data more easily.

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Assess learning and generate outcomes-based data more easily with the technology trusted by the VALUE Institute and the Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Quality Student Learning. Download the flyer to learn more about finding a simpler path to more meaningful assessment.

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"We knew student learning was happening at our institution, but we didn't have a lot of data we could point to and say, 'Oh yes, this is where it's happening.' Aqua by Watermark enabled us to produce quantitative data that allowed us to say that."

Susan C. Warner Taylor, Director of Institutional Research & Assessment, Baldwin Wallace University

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