College of Southern Nevada Selects Watermark to Centralize and Improve Outcomes, Data Collection and Performance Reporting

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NEW YORKApril 30, 2019 – Watermark, a pioneer in educational intelligence, is pleased to welcome one of its newest institutional partners, the College of Southern Nevada located in Clark County, Nevada. Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) since 1975, CSN has selected Watermark for both academic and non-academic/co-curricular assessment across the institution.

Focused on using data to drive meaningful improvements, CSN adopted Watermark specifically because of its ability to increase efficiencies and create a more holistic integration of institutional effectiveness processes, including: outcomes planning, program review, learning outcomes assessment, and accreditation reporting. As part of its institutional assessment policy, CSN looks to engage in a continuous process that is systematic and collaborative among faculty and staff to improve student success and to inform decision-making, policy initiatives, and resource allocation. With Watermark, the College plans to break down data silos at the institution, reduce redundancy and time spent on manual processes, and provide more longitudinal transparency around plans, goals, outcomes, and results.

Coupled with centralizing assessment planning processes, the institution plans to use Watermark to assess student learning and performance. CSN will use Watermark assessment solutions 1) to measure and ensure student learning proficiency in course and program learning outcomes, and particularly for general education courses, 2) to centralize their assessment data collection, and 3) to prepare institutional performance reports that will increase transparency across campus and fulfill NWCCU accreditation reporting requirements.

Specifically, CSN seeks to prepare students with a common set of skills and dispositions prior to graduation, and will look to measure student progress on the following Institutional Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to apply critical thinking in a variety of situations
  • Use of effective communication in personal and professional contexts
  • Ability to collaborate professionally to benefit a diverse community

Programs complete an annual report of their assessment activities based on their six-year assessment plan, reporting achievement of course and program student learning outcomes, achievement of performance outcomes, achievement of assessment activity goals, and using their assessment results to improve the learning experience at CSN. With Watermark, the institution aims to more effectively close the loop on student learning by establishing a more centralized approach for planning, collecting, and reporting on these assessment activities across campuses and over time.

“We believe that Watermark is a vital tool in our ability to assess student learning and gather meaningful data that will allow us to improve both student outcomes and instructional design. The ability for our faculty and other instructional personnel to view target sets, goals, outcomes, and methods of assessment will be a fantastic step in creating a visual representation of what we as an institution hope to achieve. We are choosing to implement Watermark across our campuses because it will help us systematically collect and analyze the educational intelligence we need to confidently tell our institution’s story,” said Dr. Shari Peterson, Director of Assessment and Accreditation for the College of Southern Nevada.

“We’re honored to welcome CSN into the Watermark Community. We are committed to developing the solutions that universities need to meet the challenges of effectively planning for assessment, as well as using data to improve student and institutional outcomes. We want our technology to ease these processes so that faculty and administrators can focus more on using their data to make meaningful improvements at all levels of the institution,” said Kevin Michielsen, CEO of Watermark.

Founded in 1971 as Clark County Community College, CSN is the  largest and most ethnically diverse college in Nevada. It is a fully accredited institution, offering over 180 degrees and certificates in more than 70 academic programs—with 24 degrees and certificates available entirely online. CSN has three main campuses in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson, as well as multiple sites and centers throughout the Southern Nevada area. With Watermark as their partner, CSN is poised to streamline and centralize its institutional and assessment planning processes in order to use its data to make even more meaningful outcomes improvements at all levels.

About Watermark
Watermark’s mission is to put better data into the hands of administrators, faculty, and students everywhere in order to empower them to connect information and gain insights into learning which will drive meaningful improvements. Through its innovative educational intelligence platform, Watermark supports institutions in developing an intentional approach to learning and development based on data they can trust.

Victoria Guzzo
Director of Corporate Communications