Taskstream Launches New Solution, Accountability Management System (AMS)

NEW YORK (March 4, 2008) — Taskstream, the leading provider of a centralized online system for institutions to manage all assessment, accreditation, and e-portfolio activities, officially launched its Accountability Management System (AMS) by Taskstream today. The AMS solution provides a flexible, customizable system at the institutional level to document, analyze, manage and archive outcomes assessment and institutional accountability.

“The Accountability Management System (AMS) by Taskstream represents the culmination of several years of research and development” stated Kevin Doyle the President and CEO. “We are delighted to now make this turnkey Web-based service of robust capabilities available to administrators and faculty at institutions of higher education to manage the process for documenting institutional effectiveness.”

Taskstream’s original Web-based toolset, now re-branded “Learning Achievement Tools (LAT) by Taskstream,” is employed at the course, program, or training level to provide for the creation, collection and assessment of student artifacts to demonstrate individual and programmatic success.

Although they can be utilized independently, when the two solutions, AMS and LAT, are used together, the resulting data – documented learner achievement, programmatic success and institutional effectiveness – provide powerful new ways to demonstrate and manage progress over time through the continuous improvement capabilities.

“AMS is also readily adaptable to the growing needs of secondary education and corporate, government and not-for-profit training programs for similar needs for demonstrating mission achievement. We are very excited about bringing these capabilities to all education environments to address the expanding needs for educational accountability,” remarked Webster Thompson, Executive Vice-President.

Courtney Peagler
Vice President of Strategic and Business Development
(212) 868-2700