Watermark Releases Innovative Integration Between Course Evaluation and Faculty Activity Reporting Technology

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This content was written prior to the renaming of Watermark products in July 2021, and refers to an old product name. To learn more about the new names for Watermark products, read our press release here.

First to market with this integration, Watermark enables institutions to more easily connect previously siloed data and processes to support continuous quality improvement.

NEW YORKApril 4, 2019 – Watermark, a pioneer in educational intelligence, announced the integration of its course evaluation and survey software with its faculty activity reporting software. Less than a year ago, Watermark welcomed Digital Measures, the leading provider of faculty activity reporting software, and EvaluationKIT, the leading provider of enterprise course evaluation and survey software for higher education, into the Watermark family.

In just under nine months, the company has successfully integrated these products, representing an important step in extending the life cycle of data for an institution. In addition to making it easier for institutions to get insight into these areas, the release provides institutions with a more holistic picture of course and program effectiveness, approaches to teaching and learning, faculty workload, and service across the institution for purposes of continuous quality improvement.

Focused on increasing efficiencies for institutions so they can spend more time implementing improvements based on their data, Watermark also recently released its Navigator capability, which centralized access to the company’s primary set of solutions so that users can navigate more easily between multiple applications. Coupled with that capability, this deeper product integration underscores Watermark’s broader vision to develop intelligent solutions that streamline more processes across campus, connect previously siloed data, and empower institutions to gain insights faster and make better decisions for improvement.

As the first in market to connect these processes through technology, Watermark now gives administrators the ability to pull the results of course evaluations and any associated surveys into Watermark’s faculty activity reporting solution. The system maps and creates a report of the evaluation results for each course so that each faculty member can view their results alongside course data. Faculty then have the option to incorporate and submit these reports with any other activities and accomplishments during review processes. Administrators can generate reports and have easy access to a more comprehensive view of faculty activities data for annual reviews, reappointment, promotion and tenure, and post-tenure review processes.

“In addition to giving both administrators and faculty a fuller view of their teaching, professional development, and service activities, this integration provides institutions with better insight into course effectiveness so they have the data needed to make informed curricular improvements. Centralizing and integrating solutions is a pivotal step toward supporting institutions that want to gather course evaluation and faculty activity data more efficiently and streamline processes,” said Kevin Hoffman, President of EvaluationKIT by Watermark.

“This is an important release for the market because it’s the first time any solutions provider has taken steps to integrate these once separate processes and to extend the life cycle of an institution’s data. At Watermark, we look to ease these data collection processes so that faculty and administrators can focus their time and efforts on using data to make meaningful decisions that lead to improvements,” said Matt Bartel, President of Digital Measures by Watermark.

As part of the groundwork work for this technical integration, Watermark worked with select partner institutions in response to a need for better connecting processes and data. Among them, the University of Denver has just completed administering two large-scale sets of course evaluations and is combining this data with it’s faculty activity reporting data for a fuller picture of course and program effectiveness, as well as for a more comprehensive dataset to use during annual review processes.

“We were very excited about the expanded capacity and opportunities presented by Digital Measures and EvaluationKIT. We now have the ability to centralize and integrate our course evaluation, faculty activity reporting, accreditation tracking, and data collection processes. Most importantly, Watermark is providing us with better abilities to leverage our data across processes so that we can make informed decisions that will improve both student and institutional outcomes,” said Dr. Linda Kosten, Senior Associate Provost, Academic Administration, for the University of Denver.

Watermark is the largest provider of educational intelligence solutions, including planning and outcomes assessment, ePortfolio, faculty activity reporting, course evaluation and institutional surveys, as well as curriculum and catalog management software, for higher education worldwide. The company has been working since 2017 to bring together market-leading higher education technology providers in support of a shared vision for empowering institutions with better data for learning. Watermark is working to develop a unified, comprehensive platform, and deliver the powerful insights institutions need to improve outcomes across all levels of the institution.

Watermark is poised to introduce additional releases in the coming months that support this vision. To learn more about how Watermark can support your student learning and institutional outcomes, visit www.watermarkinsights.com.

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Watermark’s mission is to put better data into the hands of administrators, faculty, and students everywhere in order to empower them to connect information and gain insights into learning which will drive meaningful improvements. Through its innovative educational intelligence platform, Watermark supports institutions in developing an intentional approach to learning and development based on data they can trust.

Victoria Guzzo
Director of Corporate Communications