Watermark and SmartCatalog are combining forces to help educators and administrators make important curricular decisions based on more meaningful insights. The new name for this solution is Watermark Curriculum Strategy.

We’re bringing our technology, experience, teams, and resources together to expand our impact within higher ed. By combining Watermark’s deep experience helping colleges and universities manage assessment, accreditation, faculty reporting and course evaluation with SmartCatalog’s expertise in academic content management, we’re able to provide educators with a more holistic picture of learning and development across campus–we call it “educational intelligence”– to improve program quality and student outcomes.

One company

SmartCatalog and Watermark were each driven by a mission to improve educational quality. Together, we can now collaborate with more than 1,700 partner institutions worldwide to help guide our development and empower better learning.

Service you can count on

Both Watermark and SmartCatalog are recognized by our partner institutions for our commitment to providing exceptional service. Rest assured that you will continue to experience the industry-leading support that you have come to expect, with the benefit of an even larger team of experts ready to assist you.

Opportunities ahead of us

With our combined experience, larger community of partner institutions, and increased capacity across critical functions, we can innovate more rapidly to deliver truly leading edge innovations in curriculum, catalog, and syllabus management.

At the same time, we are working to develop an educational intelligence platform that will connect academic content management with other core institutional processes–including student outcomes assessment, faculty activity reporting, and course evaluations–to save time for your faculty and generate more powerful insights to drive improvements in your curriculum and programs across campus.

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Higher education’s first complete academic content management solution

SmartCatalog combines curriculum, catalog, and syllabus management into a single system that dramatically improves experiences for faculty, administrators, and students.

With SmartCatalog, your institution can:
  • Create custom workflows for reviewing curriculum proposals aligned with your governance processes
  • Easily and transparently demonstrate evidence of your curriculum development processes for accreditation
  • Ensure that curriculum changes are seamlessly exported to the course catalog and student information system
  • Tie outcomes and learning objectives to curriculum and courses to ensure program quality
  • Streamline the processes of developing syllabi, linking syllabi to courses, and archiving documents for record keeping

Learn more about how SmartCatalog can help you increase content accuracy, eliminate redundant tasks, save hours of time for faculty, simplify processes for students and improve the quality of your educational programs with a streamlined approach to academic content management.

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SmartCatalog FAQs

Learn what this means for Watermark & SmartCatalog users

Who is SmartCatalog?

Founded in 1996 by Anne Valentine to help institutions integrate academic content management processes and make curricular decisions based on better insights, SmartCatalog is a pioneer in this field, having developed higher education’s first complete academic content management solution. In harnessing the power of a central data repository that creates permanent relationships between courses and program tables, SmartCatalog uses customizable web-based workflows, forms, notifications, and permissions to streamline the development, review, and implementation of curriculum changes, catalogs, syllabi, student handbooks, and policy manuals. SmartCatalog serves over 150 partner institutions, including the curriculum and catalog management needs of two of the nation’s largest proprietary institutions.

Why has SmartCatalog joined Watermark

SmartCatalog and Watermark have come together for the purpose of better serving the higher education community. After careful evaluation, leadership felt that the combination of Watermark and SmartCatalog makes a lot of sense—given Watermark’s vision for a comprehensive, integrated educational intelligence system. SmartCatalog is an innovator in the area of academic content management and driven by a mission to help colleges and universities more effectively manage the curriculum, catalog, and syllabus development processes. Together, we provide institutions with a comprehensive set of solutions that can centralize core institutional processes and deliver more extensive data and meaningful insights to drive improvements across the institution.

It’s clear we have distinct, yet complementary solutions that, when brought together, make for a more comprehensive offering. We recognize how integral and interconnected the curriculum and catalog management processes must be in order for institutions to effectively deliver the highest quality offerings to students, while also demonstrating curricular workflows and processes for accreditation. We also know that teaching and learning are measured in many different ways and systems across campuses. Measuring and supporting only pieces of the institution’s picture of quality, whether in outcomes assessment, course evaluations, faculty activities, or curriculum are insufficient. In better connecting these areas, we are able to better serve you with a more strategic set of solutions that address a broader range of institutional needs.

With the addition of EvaluationKIT and Digital Measures earlier in the summer and now SmartCatalog, Watermark supports more than 1,700 partner institutions worldwide. With a larger collective community of partner institutions with whom we can collaborate and an increased capacity across critical functions, we look forward to helping you meet your institution’s current and future needs.

Will the name of the company change?

The SmartCatalog community is joining Watermark. Together, we are Watermark.

What is the vision for the company moving forward?

Watermark is on a strategic mission to help institutions better manage core processes and leverage a broader set of data to inform meaningful improvements at all levels of the institution. This includes offering clients the ability to make curriculum adjustments in response to their assessment data. We want to put better data into the hands of administrators, faculty, and students everywhere so that all of our clients can make evidence-based decisions that lead to improvements.

How will this impact my use of current products?

We are committed to supporting current SmartCatalog and Digital Measures and EvaluationKIT clients as well as maintaining the products you use today.

What is the vision for the products over time?

The addition of SmartCatalog to the Watermark family represents another critical piece of our vision to better serve higher education and the needs of our client communities. Together, we will work toward a comprehensive, integrated educational intelligence system that provides a more holistic view of learning and institutional quality across campus.

The needs of all of our client communities are central to this vision, and we are confident that together we will be able to better support you. To this end, we plan to maintain all current products, while continuing to build this integrated educational intelligence system. We will share more information about this soon and will provide you with opportunities to share input via client and product advisory groups and other forums.

Who do I contact for support?

We will continue to provide users with the same level of exceptional service for which our organizations are known. For the time being, clients should continue to follow the same process for contacting and receiving support.

Will this affect the pricing/terms of my existing subscription or contract?

We will honor the terms of all existing contracts.

As a SmartCatalog client, I’m currently/would like to evaluate an outcomes assessment solution, faculty activity reporting solution or course evaluation solution for use in my program or institution…with whom should I work?

We’d love to speak with you. We’re confident that with our combined experience, we’ll be able to meet your needs. Contact us here with any questions.

As a Watermark client, I’m currently/would like to evaluate an academic content management solution…with whom should I work?

We’re excited to discuss how course evaluation and faculty activity reporting solutions can complement your existing assessment technology and processes. We encourage you to reach out to your Watermark Educational/Campus Solutions Consultant to discuss further.

Will there be opportunities to learn more about this change?

Yes. If you are currently working with Watermark or SmartCatalog, you can expect to receive future communications about the news. We will also be hosting upcoming webinars to share more information about our vision and future direction together. We also encourage you to visit our booth at upcoming conferences and to feel free to contact us directly at any time.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have additional questions, contact us at questions@watermarkinsights.com. Any press/media inquiries should be directed to Victoria Guzzo at vguzzo@watermarkinsights.com.