SIS & LMS Data Integrations

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Data Integrations

Improve data flow, learning experience, and operational efficiency in higher education institutions with data integrations.

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Understanding LMS and SIS integrations

Learning management systems (LMS) and student information systems (SIS) integrations have become critical features in the educational institution digital ecosystem, offering a unified platform for gaining actionable insights and enhancing the student journey.

  • LMS integration

LMS data integration provides a centralized platform for institutions to house training and learning content while monitoring student participation and assessing performance.

Certified by IMS Global®, Watermark software integrates with all LMS platforms certified by Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI). This streamlines student submissions, simplifies faculty evaluations, and avoids duplicate work for both along the way.

  • SIS integration

SIS data integration creates a unified interface for faculties to collect, organize, and manage student records. The system supports various processes, including administrative tasks and academic activities.

We design our systems to communicate with SIS platforms. This compatibility enables the systematic collection, sharing, and reporting of student test scores, certifications, transcripts, demographics, advisement data, and more.

Spend less time collecting data and more time learning from it

Streamlining administrative processes

Data integrations enable institutions to improve efficiency by reducing manual data entry and simplifying the management of student and course information. The software also automates several time-consuming tasks, such as enrollment, grading, and reporting.

SIS & LMS Data Integrations

Streamline your implementation with Watermark

LMS and SIS integrations can help enhance operations and the quality of education, making them vital for any higher education institution. Our solutions integrate with existing infrastructures so you can begin loading program, enrollment, and demographic data quickly after implementation. Request a demo to get started.

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