Key Priorities of Academic Curriculum Management & Reporting

  • Ensure that students achieve learning outcomes, gaining the knowledge and skills needed to be successful
  • Boost academic quality through data-driven continuous improvement
  • Position academic offerings to ensure enrollment and retention
  • Achieve and maintain regional and professional academic accreditation

Leading your institution requires every bit of knowledge you’ve gained throughout your career in higher education. Your challenge: to create a student-centered campus culture that embraces data to inform decisions, ensures academic excellence, and supports enrollment.

Our Solutions

The data you need to improve academic quality and student success

Watermark systems put better data into the hands of administrators, educators, and students everywhere. By connecting data across campus, you’re better able to make evidence-based decisions and improve institutional effectiveness.

Planning & Self-Study

Promote a culture of assessment with an easy-to-use system that puts action, reflection and connected data at the heart of the continuous improvement process. Engage in meaningful self-study, review programs, and generate the insights you need to develop a plan of action for academic improvement that enhances program quality and student outcomes.

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Faculty Activity Reporting

Capture faculty accomplishments once and use them again and again for a wide range of reporting. Support review processes, demonstrate faculty qualifications for academic accreditation, power automatically updated web profiles, and more.

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ePortfolios for Assessment

Use ePortfolios to promote intentional learning and assess student outcomes through authentic, course-embedded and co-curricular activities. Encourage deeper, more meaningful learning experiences, promote connection between faculty and students, and capture key assessment data.

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Learning Outcomes Measurement

Provide a simpler way to collect, measure, and report on learning outcomes achievement. User-friendly technology helps faculty and others score authentic student work against rubrics and report on outcomes for Gen Ed assessment and other campus-wide initiatives.

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Curriculum & Catalog Management

Manage curriculum, catalog, and syllabus approval and publication in a single solution customized to align with your institution’s practices. Capture connections between course data, program requirements, and learning outcomes to simplify reporting and inform changes for improvement.

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Use Our Faculty Software to Get More From Your Data

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