Key Priorities of Information Technology Course Assessment & Management

  • Gain efficiency in data and systems management
  • Empower faculty and staff and improve the student experience
  • Harness the power of metrics and analytics to drive change
  • Ensure security and privacy in a complex IT environment
  • Simplify digital integrations and implementation

Digital transformation is driving major change in higher education, so there’s a lot riding on your IT solutions. With an integrated platform of solutions, Watermark is a true data partner, ensuring the security, accessibility, and data quality you expect from your technology investments.

Our Solutions

Robust solutions to streamline administration and drive impact

When you need data to make smart decisions and drive change, you need the right partner. Watermark’s integrated solutions and powerful reporting allow you to streamline administration and surface the insights that help students grow, faculty shine, and administrators succeed.

Course Evaluation & Institutional Surveys

Turnkey integrations for your LMS and SIS ensure your data is accurate and ties back to the big picture. Lightning-fast setup, simple administration, fully responsive design, and convenient survey access points create a seamless experience for administrators, faculty, and students and help drive response rates.

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Faculty Activity Reporting

Create a single source of truth for faculty teaching, research and service activities. Simplify internal processes, save time on reporting and showcase faculty accomplishments in automatically updated web profiles.

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ePortfolios for Assessment

Help students deepen their learning and track their progress over time. LMS integration eases use for students and ensures that faculty can easily score work while collecting data for assessment and monitoring progress through customizable reports.

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Planning & Self-Study

A central hub for strategic assessment. Systematically collect, analyze, and report on outcomes data to confidently tell your school’s story for improvement and accreditation. Integrated measurement and intuitive workflows guide participants through the process with ease.

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Learning Outcomes Measurement

Access outcomes-based data more quickly than ever before. User-friendly technology and interactive reports make it easy to demonstrate the impact of Gen Ed and other large-scale initiatives and analyze results by key demographics and other criteria.

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Curriculum & Catalog Management

Manage catalog and curriculum in a fully integrated, intuitive solution to streamline review and capture connections between course data, program requirements and learning outcomes. Seamless SIS integration helps maintain data quality.

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Award-Winning Software You Can Trust

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Get More From Your Data

Fully Supported Data Integrations

Watermark solutions are designed to integrate out-of-the-box with your LMS, SIS and other campus systems so you can save time and ensure data accuracy. We offer custom APIs and other integration options to meet a range of infrastructure needs.

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Capture Faculty Information Once, Use It Everywhere

Patent-pending CV import technology empowers faculty to quickly and easily capture their accomplishments and populate web profiles. Robust reporting features ease administration, and simple-to-navigate workflows improve faculty review processes for all involved.

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Key Integrations

Watermark systems integrate with key campus platforms.

"Adopting web profiles was a big driver of our project to standardize and get faculty information on the web. Now students know what the faculty are doing, their background and expertise. The grants office, university relations, and the community knows the expertise of the faculty members on campus."

Michael Barber Chief Information Officer

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