Taskstream Releases Enhanced Functionality to Support Scorer Calibration

NEW YORK (August 2, 2011) – Taskstream, the leading provider of a centralized online system for institutions to manage all assessment, accreditation, and e-portfolio activities, today announced the release of powerful new utilities that extend the capabilities of its advanced assessment workflow management tools. The release introduces functionality designed to improve the management and delivery of calibration and scorer training activities through Taskstream’s scalable performance assessment management system.

Ensuring consistency in scoring across multiple raters is critical when using rubrics to rate performance. As part of scorer training programs, calibration activities often involve having raters score the same “benchmark” piece of work using the appropriate rubric, reviewing the scores from each rater, and discussing any discrepancies among the group.

With Taskstream, trainers can distribute benchmark work to multiple scorers for simultaneous scoring and can generate reports on the scoring results in real-time in order to facilitate discussion. Since Taskstream is often the technology being used to manage the actual evaluations for which scorers are being trained, conducting the calibration activities in the same system bolsters professional development efforts, easing the training burden and better preparing scorers to complete the evaluations.

“As states and districts explore the use of valid and reliable performance assessments for both teacher evaluations and student assessments, and institutions of higher education continue to advance in their assessment of student learning outcomes institution-wide, there is an increasing demand for the types of advanced assessment management capabilities that Taskstream offers,” said Courtney Peagler, Vice President of Strategic and Business Development for the company.

The Summer 2011 release complements and expands upon the already extensive assessment and evaluation capabilities included in Taskstream’s software, such as inter-rater reliability reporting and tools for evaluation auditing and double-blind scoring.

Vice President of Product Development, Dr. Maaike Bouwmeester said, “Taskstream is keenly focused on addressing the increasingly sophisticated assessment needs in education. We are excited to continually offer functionality that will allow users to keep pace with emerging trends and best practices in educational performance assessment and evaluation.”

Courtney Peagler
Vice President of Strategic and Business Development
(212) 868-2700

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